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Coach Rule #1

“If you talk negatively about yourself, drop and give me 5 push-ups.”

Does your gym have it’s own weird rules?

I personally disagree with the kind that punish you with more reps of X for not being able to do Y (can’t do 25 Toes to Bar, have to do 50 Pull-Ups).

That kind, or the kind that punishes working adults for being a couple minutes late, etc.

You know the kind.

BUT I love my rules that have developed as a result of my time coaching clients and which reinforce exercise form, work ethic, and the community we’re fostering.

All of my clients and members can probably rattle off five more rules I have. Some might even have one that lives rent free in their heads.

What are some of your gym’s rules?

I’ll be posting more of these as I go.

—Coach Cap

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