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When was the last time someone celebrated YOU?

You don't really hear about people joining gyms to make friends, or to spend time with their trainer, or to get out of the house...

But the reality is, that's often what people talk about when they leave.

Sure, their muscles are bigger, their fat has dropped, and their mobility has improved... but more often than not, when people talk about they gym, they say something like:

"Oh my gosh, guess what my trainer told me?"

"Hey, gotta go... gotta meet my friend at the gym!"

"I guess I gotta get back to work now..."

And there's a reason for that in a GOOD gym: people want to feel BETTER about themselves. They want to look better and feel better, but the gym is more than that. It's a home away from home, an hour or two of escape where the only thing that matters is your workout and the people around you.

As a coach, I personally know that at the end of the day, I don't want to think one more thought or say one more thing about the financials or every facet of exercise - I share the stories with my wife of how my clients inspired me today, how a member thought of me and brought me food or a drink...

It's the people. It's the connections. And in our gym, it's the GOOD people and the GOOD connections. I try to pour as much positivity into the people who have put their faith in me as I can.

Have YOU had someone tell you you're doing a good job today?

Because you ARE. But I'd LOVE to tell you in person.

--Coach Cap

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