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Work Hard, Live Free, Stay Hungry

Bars & Stripes Fitness (BSF) is a fitness business owned by Jacob "SuperSoldier" Summers dedicated to improving the fitness of others through in-person training, group training, and online coaching.

BSF focuses on improving quality of life, aesthetic, and wellness through a focus on performance. While all are welcome, BSF excels in training men and women who are ready to work hard, lift heavy, and push themselves. BSF is a zero discrimination friendly business with predominantly women and competitors.

About Me


I have been training clients since 2014 - both online and in-person, freelance. Starting in 2019, I began to exclusively train clients as a full time trainer.


I am an active competitor or have competed in powerlifting, bodybuilding, and Strongman, and running. My specialty is in making people look better and feel better by helping them get stronger and faster - quality of life improvement through progression of performance. 


I also specialize in training women, as one of my passions is to help women overcome the stigma of lifting weights and skinny being the only desirable goal.

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Tuscaloosa, AL, USA



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