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Coach Rules #2 & 3

"Pace yourself" "Push yourself but don't break yourself"

Coach rules are basically things that I have said so often they turned into rules. As such, they're not arbitrary sayings or cliche phrases, but bits of earned advice - earned by the clients and coaches alike.

Well, rules two and three go together, and on the surface, they might even seem like the same rule. But with a small but important difference.

Learning to pace yourself is the first step - the one many coaches and clients forget in the beginning.

Any client can jump into a WOD or normal workout, but even then, they should start at their pace, learn their bodies, and listen to when they need to slow down.

This is the concept of biofeedback, or pacing yourself.

But the third rule - push yourself, don't break yourself - is a reminder to clients who have learned their limits that even after a period of learning their bodies and limits... those limits are still always changing.

Most of the time, those changes are for the better or "more" but sometimes those changes require us to slow down.

But it's easy for the seasoned client, member, or athlete to get cocky and over-confident and trust that they can push a little past their pace and do more.

"Push yourself but don't break yourself" is a reminder that every choice to do more is an inherent risk because that extra set, rep, 5-10 pounds could come with injury and a couple months out of training.

Both these coach rules work together to remind our clients and members to strive for more, but to make choice that keep them training and coming back every week.

After all, glory in one workout or exercise is great... but consistency over time is the goal.

--Coach Cap

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