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Getting older is a blessing, it doesn’t have to be a burden

Granted, I’m only 37, so I know I’ve probably got four more decades worth of people rolling their eyes right now… and that’s okay.

But let me explain (and of course all of this depends on so many factors including genetics):

  • It’s slower to get back in shape than it was before.

  • BUT if you’ve been there before, it’s quicker to get back than if you never started.

  • You hold onto more fat.

  • BUT if you’ve worked out before, there’s such a thing as muscular maturity and it can lead to physical changes in performance and aesthetics you might not have seen in your 20s… AND the skin thins as you age leading to being able to see more as you go - which itself can also be an issue for injury.

  • Your stamina might not be what it once was (at least for a while).

  • BUT after decades of life experience you’ve probably learned how to push your tolerance for discomfort AND you’re likely to be more concerned/wary about not overdoing it to avoid injury.

The point is… our bodies aren’t machines… they’re organisms. And as such, age might change how you look or perform, but sometimes that has its advantages.

And the best way to take advantage of as many of those as possible? Start working out as early in your adult life as you can.

Every client I’ve ever talked to has always told me “I wish I had started earlier” or “I wish I never stopped.” And instead of judging or building on their own guilt, we follow up with “why did you stop” and “well you’re here now.”

The answer to our first question is usually that they got injured from overdoing it either due to accidental reasons or trying to keep up, or that they ran out of time due to work or family life.

It’s easy to want to keep up with what you used to be able to do, be it ability or schedule.

But instead of pushing a workout load that doesn’t keep up with your life as is, it’s easier to adjust your workouts to your needs and abilities now, and stay building that foundation.

Start early in your life, and instead of sweating whether or not you made it twice this week or five times… respect the fact that you’ve built a foundation that will see you through into your golden years.

—Coach Cap

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